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Women's Wisdom Project

Directed by Sue Perlgut

More than 70 women took a survey to tell us about the advice they were given and have given.
We video taped 35  women  from Tompkins County asking them the same questions.
Performances of the multi-media project using both the videos and survey were held
Oct. 30, Nov. 3, and Dec. 6 at  Cinemapolis

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To see more clips from the interviews and find out more about the project you can go to
This work is possible with grant support from the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County and New York State Council on the Arts with Corporate support from Carol Bushberg Real Estate.


Here are two of the clips from the interviews





To see all the clips from the intervews

Coming in March 2017
“Putting ‘Her’ Back Into History”
An installation of the video interviews of this diverse group of women from Tompkins County 
 Women's History Month, March, 2017, Tompkins County Public Library

Please contact us if you would like to be taped for the installation .
The Questions

1. What is the best advice that an older woman (mother, aunt, teacher etc) ever gave you?
2. How old were you? Did you take the advice?
3. What is the worst advice a woman ever gave you?
4. What do young women have today that you wish you had had as a young woman?
What do women, older than you, have that you wish you had now?
5. What is the best advice you ever gave to another woman of any age? (On any subject)
6. What advice do you wish you had been given and had taken?
7. Do you have any wisdom you would like to share with another woman today?
8. What are the names of women who have inspired you?

Those intervewed to date (in alphabetical order)

Manuela Amzallag, Jalaja Bonheim, Sherron Brown, Joan Brumberg, Sarah Chalmers Simmons
Maggie Cole, Helena  Cooper, Michelle Courtney Berry, Caroline Cox, Susan Currie,
Marlaine Darfler, Pamela Davis-Acey, Margaret Dennis, Kim Falstick, Yvonne Fisher, Nancy Gabriel
Cynthia Henderson, Caryl Henry, Emily Johnson, Roz Kenworthy, Jayme Kilburn, Karen Knudson
Tess  Lawlor, Risa Lieberwitz, Pamela Moss, Jai Hari Myerhoff, Marne O'Shae, Judith Pratt
Sara Robbins, Susan Robinson, Camilla Schade, Fran Spdafora Manzella, Judith Van Allen
Gabrielle Vehar, Kit Wainer, Liz Walker, Sally Wessels